Street Data Mini-Series – Shane Safir


Street data is the qualitative and experiential data that emerges at eye level and on higher frequencies when we train our brains to discern it. Street data is asset based, focusing on what’s right in our students, schools, and communities instead of seeking out what’s wrong.

This author-led online mini-series will guide you through a deep study of Street Data focused on opportunities to apply the model. You will work in collaborative teams, move through the Equity Transformation Cycle featured in Chapter 4 of the book, and practice vulnerability through public and project-based learning. By the end of this course, participants will have a deep understanding of the Street Data model by experiencing it and will be ready to move a small scale experiment forward. This series will deepen our collective understanding that data can be humanizing, liberatory, and healing.


Jan 18 2023 - May 17 2023

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